Step One - Blue

Patterning is crucial to a great Rainier Marine set of windows. Your local marine fabricator will need access to your boat along with your input about how you want your windows to operate. A Rainier Marine window system allows you to design sophisticated solutions not found in typical clear vinyl window enclosures.

Step Two - Blue

Our highly skilled production team spends roughly 3 hours assembling each of your windows to your fabricator’s pattern. The time from when we receive your pattern to when we ship them is roughly 10 days. Our centralized manufacturing model allows us to control quality, rapidly implement new technology, and continuously research and develop new window solutions.

Step Three - Blue

Your fabricator will finish the window by adding the zippers, keder-welt and snap fasteners of your choice. They will install the windows and remove the protective masking that we provide. Try to be there when they peel the paper – the experience of seeing the clear view appear is always amazing.

Our Skills

We have a specific process of how to custom fit your enclosure to your boat. Our process can involve tube bending if you request it.

Custom Fitting

Our digitization process can be very helpful to make your windows fit perfectly. If you are in need of any tube bending, we can provide that as well.


An in progress shot of boat windows being installed.


Single Track

Single track is the most commonly used for mounting windows in a “track to track” installation. A zipper is sewn to keder-welt, which slides into the track, making an exact fit.

Double Track

Using keder-welt, a fabricator can use a two track system to enable the windows to slide in front and behind one another like sliding glass doors.

Triple Track

There are times when track can not be mounted to the boat. Triple track was invented to extend double track capabilities to locations where fasteners are not available.

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